By Jeff Barnes
Helix Water District

For the second time in three months, a record-breaking catch has been reeled in at Lake Jennings. Mike Long of Poway caught a 17 lb. 2 oz. Largemouth Bass at Siesta Point on Saturday, January 29, 2005. The old lake record was 16 lb. 4 oz.

“This was a tough fish; it fought very hard,” Long said. “I had to chase her out into deeper water to bring her in the boat. It was a three-minute battle.”

Long made the catch on 12-lb. test line using a black jig with a 5” Yamamoto trailer.

“This is just an indication that there are big bass in the lake. I expect a largemouth in the 18 to 19 lb. range to come out this season,“ Supervising Ranger, Hugh Marx said. “This is the time of year when experts and novices alike have their best chance of a double-digit bass.”

Long is well known for going after big bass at area lakes. He currently holds four other largemouth records at Lake Cuyamaca (14 lb. 2 oz), Lake Poway (18 lb.), Lake Sutherland (16 lb. 5oz.) and Lake Mission Viejo (18 lb. 1 oz.). He previously held the record at Lake Dixon (20 lb. 12 oz).

Long’s catch came just three months after a record-breaking Blue Catfish was caught at Lake Jennings. Lakeside resident, Rick Guseman reeled in a 68-pounder using fresh sardines on October 31, 2004. Guseman’s catch is the largest fish ever caught at Lake Jennings.

Marx says this week’s weather pattern will drive the bass closer to shore along the points. The trout are also biting well for those who go to the right spots. The number of anglers chasing them is low so inventory remains high.