Lake Recreation Manager

Kira joined Lake Jennings in December 2014, and was a welcome addition bringing with her a solid recreation management background. Her most recent position prior to her arrival at the lake was as the Athletic Director at The Crosby at Rancho Santa Fe. She is an East County native, with a degree in Communication from San Diego State, and is a Certified Park and Recreation Executive. You’ll spot her around the campground and lake wearing a smile and her pink steel-toed boots that Earl picked out for her.


Recreation Coordinator

Sherry joined the lake as our Recreation Coordinator in October of 2019 after working in both animal welfare and community recreation. She studied Recreation Management and Wildlife Biology at the University of Vermont. She joined the team at Lake Jennings to share her love of water and wildlife with the public. One of her favorite things about the lake is driving into the campground on Saturday mornings to the smell of bacon and coffee over the campfire! On the weekends, she splits her time between the campground and the lake. She looks forward to bringing more fun events to Lake Jennings!


Maintenance Ranger

Ray joined us here at Lake Jennings in June 2020. For 25 years, Ray was the owner of the Dub Spot Custom V.W. & Porsche Shop. He also worked at the Green Door Café in La Jolla. He is currently coaching for the Mountain Warriors Baseball Club in East County. You may see Ray driving the dump truck around waving at everyone he sees. Ray enjoys that the lake is a “get away” in the city. Everyone here is happy to be here and that makes him feel good about being here.


Maintenance Ranger

Tanner started as one of our rangers in May 2023. He received his bachelor’s in psychology from Ashford University in 2015. Tanner was previously stationed at the Naval medical centers in San Diego and Okinawa, Japan. After that, he worked for the U.S. Navy as a fleet marine force corpsman at Camp Pendleton, California. Tanner now reports to the lake with well-rounded experience and a love of the outdoors. He loves the lake because he gets to be by the water each day.


Maintenance Ranger

Alex joined the maintenance team in October 2023. He attended Valhalla High School, studied graphic design at Point Loma Nazarene University, and completed the wastewater program at Cuyamaca College. He previously worked for 9 years at the High Seas Fuel Dock as an assistant manager and then at Hidden Shores Resort before arriving at the lake. Alex loves the lake because he used to camp here every summer and teach his nephew how to fish, which are his two favorite things to do! Alex enjoys everything outdoors, and you can probably find him hiking, skiing, or doing any other adventurous activity with his German shepherd, Winston, in tow.


Assistant Maintenance Ranger

Glenn joined our team as an assistant maintenance ranger in December 2021. Coming to us with a wide range of experience, Glenn grew up farming in the Midwest, dedicated twenty years to engineering in the U.S. Navy, and worked many years in commercial construction. Glenn loves the lake because it is a great place to get away from the big city without having to travel a long way. Depending on the weather, Glenn enjoys hiking or lounging in the shade and enjoying the views!


Assistant Maintenance Ranger

Danielle started at Lake Jennings as an Assistant Recreation Ranger in October 2021. Before moving from Ventura to San Diego, Danielle studied math and geology at Ventura College and spent many years working for the Boy Scouts of America as a venturing advisor, archery range master, and a camp advisor. She loves the lake because she gets the chance to meet new people with interesting stories and swap great fishing advice! At the lake, Danielle enjoys early sunrises in the morning and trout fishing on her days off. You can usually find her in Siesta Cove, most likely with a few trout on a stringer.


Assistant Maintenance Ranger

In August of 2020 Ben took a job as a Dockhand at the lake, and now works over at the campground as Assistant Maintenance Ranger.

“The lake is nice and nature is rad” -Ben


Office Assistant

Michelle joined us out here at Lake Jennings in May 2021. She is a student at San Diego State University, where she is working on her degree in Chemistry and Environmental Science. She has also worked at Janet’s Montana Cafe and The Truck Shop for the past three years before joining our team. Michelle loves night fishing, going for walks, and driving the boats out here at Lake Jennings!


Guest Service Associate

Coryn began working at Lake Jennings as a Guest Service Associate in February 2024. She is currently enrolled at Grossmont College and plans to transfer to a university after she earns her associate degree. Prior to joining the LJ team, Coryn worked at the UPS Store for a few years. She loves the lake because of its beauty and peacefulness, and how it supplies drinking water to many people. Coryn’s favorite things to do here are watching the birds and seeing all the other native plants and wildlife. Her goal in life is to protect wildlife and eventually work in national parks.


Guest Service Associate

Makaia was hired as a guest service associate in March 2023. She previously worked at Macy’s as a sales associate. Makaia went to Southwestern University for her first two years of college where she studied business administration and played soccer. She now attends San Diego State University where she is finishing her bachelor’s degree in that field. Although she never imagined herself working at a lake, Makaia loves it because she gets to appreciate the view of the lake from the kiosk and enjoy the environment day after day.


Assistant Recreation Ranger

Cole joined the Lake Jennings team in October 2021. Cole is a student at Grossmont College and has joined us from his previous occupation as a valet driver at Four Points Little Italy. Cole loves anything and everything that has to do with the outdoors, so it’s safe to say you’ll probably find him up at the bait shop and running around the lake side!


Assistant Recreation Ranger

Mark is an east county native and started working as an Assistant Recreation Ranger in October 2021. He studied to be an air traffic controller at Grossmont Junior College, but retired from the USPS after 25 years. Mark enjoys engaging fishermen and the beautiful scenery at the lake. His favorite hobby is golf, but he also enjoys playing billiards, time with friends, and every once in a while fishing.


Assistant Recreation Ranger

Nathaniel has been with Lake Jennings since 2020. He was promoted from Dockhand to Assistant Recreation Ranger in February 2022. He enjoys fishing and the beauty of the lake. He says, it’s so serene being at the lake, you could just take a nap while enjoying the view. Nathaniel finished high school in 2019 and is interested in a future in biology.



Stephen was brought onto the team in July 2022 as a dockhand. A San Diego native, Stephen attended Valhalla High School and graduated from San Diego State University with a degree in criminal justice administration some years after. He has worked in federal law enforcement for the last 22 years, making sure to make time for Star Trek and bowling in the meantime. Stephen loves the lake because it is very relaxing and quiet, and has many birds to observe.  Around the lake, Stephen likes to help customers and listen to their stories. If you see Stephen around, don’t be afraid to say hi!



Jesse was hired as a Dockhand at the lake in October 2021. He is currently enrolled at Cuyamaca College studying water treatment, which is what attracted him to a position at Lake Jennings. Previously he worked at the California Conservation Corps. When he’s not at the lake or school, he enjoys reading and hiking.



Tim started at Lake Jennings in February 2023. Tim is a San Diego native as he attended El Capitan High School and is currently a student at Southwestern College. In his free time, he enjoys hiking, woodworking, snorkeling, camping and fishing. Tim loves the lake because it is home to so many interesting birds. You can probably find Tim bird-watching on his lunch break!



John joined the LJ crew in February of 2023. As a longtime El Cajon resident, he has made many memories out at the lake with his family and friends over the years. During his time in the Navy, John extensively studied hull maintenance, ship fitting, and engineering. He was previously a Senior Designer for General Dynamics NASSCO and has worked on a myriad of projects in the hull engineering department. On the side, he has also been involved in tournament kayak fishing and has been involved in numerous outdoor publications. An outdoorsman, John’s favorite activities out at the lake are boating and fishing because “we have the best rental fleet in the county and the fishing is second to none.”



Jackson joined the LJ team as a dockhand in November 2023. He is currently enrolled at Grossmont College and plans to transfer to UC San Diego for a bachelor’s degree in marine biology. Jackson loves the lake because of all the interesting life that is present in and around its waters, a true natural biologist! His favorite things to do at the lake include riding the barge and going fishing. He is happy to be a part of Lake Jennings and out in the environment every day. If you see Jackson around, don’t hesitate to say hello!


Campground Host

In April 2024, Sam became a member of the Park Host squad. Prior to joining, he attended Lutcher High School and pursued a two-year philosophy program at Louisiana State University, intending to finish his degree post-military service. He then worked as a Navy Builder, spending 2.5 years overseas before moving to Lake Jennings. Sam loves the lake because it is an oasis full of flora and fauna that offers unparalleled views of wildlife. His favorite things to do at the lake include watching wildlife, reading at the viewpoints, walking his cat, and fishing. He also wants everyone to know that Aaron Rodgers is the greatest of all time!


Campground Host

After spending many years as one of our regular campers, Mary joined the team as a campground host in February 2023. Mary worked for the Department of Navy for over 30 years, starting out as a clerk typist and retiring early as a data analyst. During her career, she obtained her AA in general studies with emphasis in psychology and computer sciences at Grossmont and Cuyamaca colleges. Mary loves the lake because “the campgrounds are so beautiful and picturesque making it feel like you’re in the country, but yet you’re so close to the city”. Her favorite things to do out here are enjoying campfires and driving around on her golf cart experiencing nature.  Due to her time in the military, Mary grew fond of travelling a lot, so keep an eye out for her if you want to swap travel stories!


Campground Host

Jessica joined the Lake Jennings team in October 2021. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in liberal studies and is well on her way to receiving her teaching credential. Jessica has worked for the Cajon Valley School District for seventeen years and continues to do so while also helping out at the campground. She loves the lake because there is so much to do in such a relaxing atmosphere. She enjoys hiking, watching the wildlife, and meeting new people. If you see Jessica around the campground, don’t be afraid to say hello!


Campground Host

Mike started in June 2020 as a Park Host here at Lake Jennings. Mike went to school at Mt. Miguel and studied R.O.P. Plastics. He has been coming to Lake Jennings since he was a child and enjoys how relaxing it is here. He also enjoys fishing as a favorite pastime.

Bud, Retiree

Former Assistant Recreation Ranger

Bud was a Lake Jennings staple. He worked at the lake part time for over 30 years. He also worked in publishing with the Union Tribune for 20 years and spent some time working in ship yards and on aircraft before that. He was a San Diego local who attended SDSU and studied political science and biology. He deeply loved the lake because of the rewarding experience it brings to all. He enjoyed teaching others to respect nature and explaining different techniques and bait for catching fish! Bud passed away in 2022. He will be sorely missed by many.

Earl, Retiree

Former Maintenance Ranger

Earl is known for his jolly personality and rainbow suspenders, you couldn’t miss him around the campground! He is a former volunteer firefighter with the Julian Cuyamaca Fire Protection District, with 14 years of experience as a Ranger at Lake Cuyamaca where he served as Reservoir Keeper. He was with Lake Jennings from December 2008 to April 2021, and was a Senior Chief in the U.S. Navy in his younger days. Earl’s legacy and shining personality lives on at Lake Jennings Campground through his rainbow bench as colorful as the man himself–come check it out!

Tim, Retiree

Maintenance Ranger

Ranger Tim has worked at Lake Jennings since May 2010. He is our resident tractor expert, and is excellent at felling trees. You can find him in and around the campground while working, and even camping on the weekends for fun. Tim gave up his job as a transportation manager for a nationwide distribution company to come back to nature. He loved camping and fishing at the lake and turned that love into a career!