Lake Recreation Manager

Kira joined Lake Jennings in December 2014, and was a welcome addition bringing with her a solid recreation management background. Her most recent position prior to her arrival at the lake was as the Athletic Director at The Crosby at Rancho Santa Fe. She is an East County native, with a degree in Communication from San Diego State, and is a Certified Park and Recreation Executive. You’ll spot her around the campground and lake wearing a smile and her pink steel-toed boots that Earl picked out for her.


Recreation Coordinator

Sherry joined the lake as our Recreation Coordinator in October of 2019 after working in both animal welfare and community recreation. She studied Recreation Management and Wildlife Biology at the University of Vermont. She joined the team at Lake Jennings to share her love of water and wildlife with the public. One of her favorite things about the lake is driving into the campground on Saturday mornings to the smell of bacon and coffee over the campfire! On the weekends, she splits her time between the campground and the lake. She looks forward to bringing more fun events to Lake Jennings!


Maintenance Ranger

Tim has now been a Lake Jennings Ranger for nine years. He is our resident tractor expert, and is excellent at felling trees. You can find him in and around the campground while working, and even camping on the weekends for fun! Tim gave up his job as a transportation manager for a nationwide distribution company to come back to nature. He loved camping and fishing the lake, and realized it could be a career!


Maintenance Ranger

Earl is known for his jolly personality and rainbow suspenders. You can’t miss him around the campground! He is a volunteer firefighter with the Julian Cuyamaca Fire Protection District, with 14 years experience as a Ranger at Lake Cuyamaca, and he is still the Reservoir Keeper there. Earl has been with Lake Jennings since December of 2008, and was a Senior Chief in the U.S. Navy in his younger days.


Assistant Maintenance Ranger

Rusty started in August 2015 as a Dockhand here at Lake Jennings and has been excelling in his role as our Assistant Maintenance Ranger. You can join him Saturday evenings for S’mores in the campground and find him giving you gentle reminders of quiet hour and fires out time for your campsites. He graduated from Steele Canyon High School and is going to Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College to study Criminal Justice and ultimately transition into a career in Law Enforcement. He loves the lake because of the beautiful scenery and enjoys seeing people catch fish; especially when it is a child’s first fish!


Assistant Recreation Ranger

Bud is a Lake Jennings staple. He has been working at the lake part time for over 30 years. He worked in publishing with the Union Tribune for 20 years and spent some time working in ship yards and on aircraft before that. He is a San Diego local who attended SDSU and studied political science and biology. He loves the lake because of the rewarding experience it brings to all. He enjoys encouraging a deep respect for nature, teaching knot tying and explaining different techniques and bait for catching fish!


Assistant Recreation Ranger

Joey joined Lake Jennings in March 2018. He previously worked in construction for about two years. He is currently attending Grossmont and Cuyamaca Colleges and getting started on his civil engineering degree. He enjoys walking around the lake with his friends and family while just enjoying the day at the lake. Joey loves how the lake is kept up extremely well and enjoys the other people who work and volunteer here. He wants to remind you not to hesitate to ask questions, all the LJ staff are here to help ensure you have a great time!



Ray joined us here at Lake Jennings in June 2020. He is excited to be here working at the lake as a Dockhand. Ray worked 25 years as the owner of the Dub Spot Custom V.W. & Porsche Shop. He also worked at the Green Door Café in La Jolla. He is currently coaching for the Mountain Warriors Baseball Club in East County. You may see Ray driving the dump truck around waving at everyone he sees. Ray enjoys that the lake is a “get away” in the city. Everyone here is happy to be here and that makes him feel good about being here.



Nathaniel has been with Lake Jennings as a Dockhand since June 2020. He enjoys fishing and the beauty of the lake. He says, it’s so serene being at the lake, you could just take a nap while enjoying the view. Nathaniel just finished high school in 2019 and is interested in a future in engineering.



In August of 2020 Ben took a job as a Dockhand at the lake.

“The lake is nice and nature is rad” -Ben



Fidel joined the LJ team in August of 2020. He enjoys spending time outdoors and when he is not outside, he is studying for his bachelors degree in public administation at SDSU. He wants to spend his future helping people in the community and he is starting right here at the lake!



Jake loves being on the water. You’ll find him taking the barge around the lake chatting with fishermen about the best spots to catch big bass and learning from others. He joined the lake in August of 2020 and worked at Trolley Stop Deli in La Mesa prior to joining us!



Kailey was a nanny and volunteer for Lake Murray Little League before joining the lake as a Dockhand in August of 2020. She thinks the most fun things to do at the lake is pack a picnic lunch and soak in the views. You’ll find her down on the dock but always keeping her eyes open for the bald eagles and osprey when they swoop down to catch their dinner.


Campground Host

Kip started working at Lake Jennings as a Park Host beginning November 2017. He studied Business and Finance at San Diego State University and has owned Montecatini Ristorante in Northern California since April of 1994. What Kip loves about the lake are the aesthetics; the trees, birds, campers and all the critters. He loves the rocks and boulders too! Some of his favorite things to do around the lake are getting to know both the long and short term campers and feeding the birds and critters. You’ll find Kip cooking and sitting around the campfire in the evenings.


Campground Host

Mollie became a Park Host here at Lake Jennings in November 2019. She enjoys the views and peaceful setting of the lake and loves walking her dogs throughout the campground and hiking trails. Mollie is a big dog lover and currently dog sits as a side job. She studied elementary education at Western Governors University and currently runs Craft Time on Saturday afternoons for our young campers.


Campground Host

Christine has been working here at Lake Jennings since January 2020. She is one of our campground volunteers. Her background is in education. She has taught for 19 years and loves it. For the last 10 years, she has continued to teach part time Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT). What she loves about being at the lake is its peacefulness and year round activities. There is an abundance of wildlife to watch! She enjoys fishing, hiking, bird watching and meeting interesting people.


Campground Host

Mike started in June 2020 as a Park Host here at Lake Jennings. Mike went to school at Mt. Miguel and studied R.O.P. Plastics. He has been coming to Lake Jennings since he was a child and enjoys how relaxing it is here. He also enjoys fishing as a favorite pastime.