Don’t Let The Big One Get Away!

Lake Jennings campers are just a few steps from some of the best fresh water fishing in the County and beyond! Lake Jennings is stocked with trout weekly or bi-weekly between November and early April and with catfish during the summer months. See Fish Stocking to view the current stocking schedule. You can also pull out large-mouth bass, red-ear sunfish and bluegill, as well as channel and blue catfish.

Check out the Fish Report to see what fish are biting right now.

Lake Fish & Stocking

Each year, Lake Jennings stocks 30,000 pounds of fish (20,000 pounds of trout and 10,000 pounds of channel catfish). The trout fishing season begins in November and lasts through early April, while the catfish season coincides with our night fishing program beginning Memorial Day and running through Labor Day weekend.

This year, we will be stocking Rainbow Trout from Wright’s Rainbows in Thatcher, Idaho.

The trout season starts with an initial stock of 2,500 pounds, followed by additional weekly or bi-weekly stockings throughout the season to reach a total of more than 20,000 pounds.

For catfish season, we stock an initial, large amount of fish and add 1,000 pounds about every few weeks throughout the season. During this time, the lake is open until midnight every Friday and Saturday. With hot summer days, this is the place to be for a relaxing warm night of fishing, boating or just enjoying a meal in one of our picnic areas around the lake.

Shore Fishing at the Campground

Shoreline fishing is available from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. daily by purchasing your Fishing Permit at the Campground Check-In Station.

Current Lake Record

Chris Sprecco caught an 84.4 lb. blue catfish on January 18, 2020 breaking the previous lake record of a 71.3 lb. blue catfish held by Bob Bowden on June 1, 2014.