Lake Jennings’ Watershed Provides Drinking Water for More Than a Quarter-Of-A-Million People.

Following a few simple measures will help maintain a safe environment that will benefit us all, reducing pollutants in storm drains and surface runoff that can end up in the lake.

Some things residents and visitors can do to help keep our water clean:

  • Have your car inspected for oil, antifreeze or brake fluid leaks and recycle motor oil and antifreeze
  • Quickly use an absorbent material, such as kitty litter, to clean any toxic product spills; sweep it up and put it into a trash bin
  • Instead of washing your car yourself, take it to a commercial facility that is connected to a sewer system
  • When washing your pet or other items outside, use low-phosphate soap and use it sparingly
  • Store paints, solvents, and cleansers carefully and dispose of them properly
  • Compost manure and leaves into usable fertilizer rather than letting them get into a street or storm drain, and use mulch rather than herbicides
  • Keep steep slopes vegetated and put rocks under the outfall pipe of downspouts and drains to prevent erosion
  • Plant drought-tolerant trees and shrubs to help the ground absorb water and reduce surface runoff