Effective January 3, 2023

RV Full Hookup-Pull Through

(Includes electricity, water and sewer)

30-Amp Campsites:
$55.00 Sun*-Thurs
$72.00 Fri, Sat & Holidays

50-Amp Campsites:
(Sites 1-4, 6, 51, 52, 64, 69,70, 78)
$60 per night Sun*-Thur
$77 per night Fri, Sat & Holidays

RV Partial Hookup

(Includes electricity and water)
$48.00 Sun*-Thurs
$65.00 Fri, Sat & Holidays
(Preferred View Sites 89-96)
$51.00 Sun*-Thurs
$68.00 Fri, Sat & Holidays

Tent – No Hookup

(Includes Water)
$35.00 Sun*-Thurs
$45.00 Fri, Sat & Holidays
(Preferred View Sites 20, 22, 24, 26, 28, 30-32, 34-36, 38-40, 42-46, 72)
$43.00 Sun*-Thurs
$53.00 Fri, Sat & Holidays


$140 Fri, Sat, & Holidays
$120 Sun*-Thurs

Weekly Rate is 10% off the daily total excluding the processing fee
Sunday stay prior to a Monday holiday is charged the holiday rate

Additional Fees:

Processing Fee: $8 per site
Change Fee: $5 per site
Cancellation Fee: $8 per site
Extra Vehicle/Boat Fee: $2 per night
Pet Fee: $1 per pet per night
Late Departure: $10 per hour, if available


Day Use:

$4 per Adult 16+ for hiking, picnicking, etc. (No charge for registered campers)


Adults 16 and over: $12
Seniors 65 years and older: $11
Military (With ID): $11
Children 0-5 years old: Free
Children 6-16 years old: $8


Private Boat Launch Fee

$10 per day

Boat Rental Fees

Motorboat Rental (5-Hour Rental) September 16 to May 14:
$48/$43 with military ID
Motorboat Rental (5-Hour Rental) May 15 to September 15:
$55/$50 with military ID
Additional Hour Motorboat Rental (After first 5 hour rental):
$14/$12 with military ID
Rowboat Rental (5-Hour Rental): $25/$20 with military ID
Additional Hour Rowboat Rental: $5/$3 with military ID
Kayak Rental (Minimum 2-Hour Rental): $20/$15 with military ID
Kayak Rental (4-Hour Rental): $30/$25 with military ID
Paddle Boat Rental: $12 per hour/$10 per hour with military ID
Krystal Kanoes – 2 person (Hourly Rental):
$25 per hour/$23 per hour with military ID

Persons 16 years or older, with a valid drivers license, may rent a boat. A parent or legal guardian must sign for anyone under the age of 18. Participants must sign a boat waiver prior to purchase and entry into rental boats. Boat waivers are available at the Bait and Tackle Shop or can be downloaded here.

Please note Lake Jennings rental kayaks are single kayaks (for one person). Children may kayak as long as their parent or legal guardian is also kayaking.