Blaze Some Trails.

Lake Jennings provides miles and miles of great hiking trails. The hike around the lake is a relatively flat 5.15 miles, meandering around the back coves. On the north side of the lake, you can access the old “Flume” bench, a trail that goes east approximately 5 miles, high along the ridge of El Monte Valley.

Hiking the perimeter of Lake Jennings is available during normal hours of lake operation Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Hiking around and through the Campground is available seven days a week for registered campers or with the purchase of a day use permit for visitors.

There are trails, both around and through the campground area, that can be used. Lake Jennings is currently in the process of enhancing and improving the entire trail system. The trail encircling the campground is over 1 mile in length with moderate elevation change. There is also a shorter trail (approximately 300 yards) within the campground for all ages to enjoy.