• Private boats can be launched with an $10 per day permit. Boating is only allowed when the lake is open (Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays)

Boating Rules

(1)   Boat rental tickets and private boat launching tickets are sold at the Lake Jennings Bait and Tackle Shop. Persons desiring to make such a purchase must be age 16 or older and show valid identification.

(2)   Persons renting boats are responsible for any lost or damaged equipment.

(3)   Boats shall not exceed 10 mph at any time.

(4)   Boats shall observe the “No Wake Rule.”

(5)   Abusive or irresponsible operation of any boat will not be tolerated.

(6)   Personal watercraft, inflatable rafts, sailboats, amphi-cars, and waders are prohibited.

(7)   Sit-inside kayaks that are at least 10 feet long, not self-bailing and have seats for all persons inside are allowed. No sit-on top or inflatable kayaks will be permitted.

(8)   Zodiac-type inflatables with a discernible bow, wooden transom, and wood deck are allowed.

(9)   All boats must return to the boat dock prior to closing time.

(10)  Half-day boat rentals are available. See Bait Shop for rental information.

(11) Life jackets must be worn by all children under 13 years of age.

(12) All U.S. Coast Guard regulations shall be complied with.